When Aaltje van Zweden-van Buuren and her husband, conductor Jaap van Zweden's, child was born with autism, this had and continues to have a huge impact on the family. In 1997, the couple established the Papageno Foundation. Now, 20 years later, Papageno has made a name for itself in the Netherlands. The Foundation has developed into a multi-faceted organisation which, through all sorts of initiatives and activities, focuses on the development of children and young people with autism:

  • Music therapy: a national network of 25 qualified music therapists, who provide therapy to children in their homes.
  • Papageno Huis: this centre offers respite and support to children with autism. For the youngsters it is a place to work, to live and toparticipate in the community. 
  • Research: research of music therapy on autism and into the possibilities of early diagnosis and treatment.
  • Develop advanced funding opportunities to support autism programs.