Bringingthe outside world in

At Papageno Huis, we do everything possible to help young people with autism to be as independent as possible in their future lives, but for many young people with autism, this process can be quitenerve-racking and complicated.To make this easier and to allow them to gradually getused to having contact with others, our work at Papageno Huis isbased on one central notion –in everything that we do, we try to bring the outside world in.

The restaurant

You are more than welcome to visit the Papageno Restaurant to enjoy a deliciouslunch, coffee with freshlybaked apple pie, or a high tea on the “parterre.”Care staff, volunteers and young people with autism run everything together. To give you an idea of the level, no less a luminary thantop Dutch chef Paul Fagel joins us every week to help out for a day. The tasty dishes are freshly prepared. We serve vegetables from our own vegetable garden almost throughout the entire year.

The Papageno Restaurant is open from Tuesday to Friday from 10:00 am to 4:30 pmfor fresh pastries, lunch or drinks.

Each Monday, the restaurant is used for on-the-job training of hospitality students with autism. You can make a reservation for the three-course lunch, prepared by the young people themselves. On Mondays, other items are not available from the menu.

Papageno Huis offersplenty of opportunities for arrangingyour own lunch, high tea, meeting or evening meal. Robert van Wees or Vasco Zeilmaker can provide you with details onthis.

If you would like to make a reservation, or for more information, please contact us at +31 (0)35- 8884303

The theater

In the multifunctional theater’t zAaltje, on Sundays,you can invariably enjoy a concert or a show. Every week, performances are given by Master’s students from the Conservatorium van Amsterdammusic academy, but the famous Dutch piano-playing brothers Lucas and Arthur Jussen have also given a Coffee Concerthere. Young people with autism and volunteers assist in the preparations and the organization.

You will find information in our calendar.


Our cultural activities

Papageno Huis accommodates various clubs in which young people with autism and young people or adults with no disabilities can be active together. The Papageno Choir is a wonderful example of this. This inclusive choir rehearses on Mondaysevery week and is led by conductor Sigrid van der Linden. The choir’s repertoire ranges from classical to show tunes. In addition, on Sunday afternoons, a regular Art Club is held, led by the visualartist Maja Boot.